Hallie's Portfolio

TV Commercial (Art Direction, Animation & Videography: Hallie Wong ; Voiceover Artist: Sean Ueda ; Hand Models: Freya Roberts & Hazel Shorney)


Owners Got Talent

Advertising | Animation | Videography


Children are generally at the highest risk for dog bites, due to their misunderstanding of dog languages. McDonald's UK decided to educate them on interpreting dog language correctly by featuring Britain's Got Talent (BGT), the famous TV show of children, with Happy Meal® in order to strengthen the friendship between children and dogs.

Test Net

I provided an integrated and memorable solution – an interactive game associated with Virtual Reality technology. The Happy Meal® Box could directly transform into the VR headset. Children can use the attached stickers to add personality to their headsets.

Packaging and VR Headset Design

Sticker Set Design

By scanning the QR code on the happy meal box with their devices, audience will access to an interactive game. The storyline of the interactive game is based on BGT. The video started with missing all of the buzzers. On the journey of the buzzer hunt, participants would face quizzes and reveal personalised results after their reactions. After completing all the quizzes correctly, children were eligible to enter the lucky draw to win two priority tickets to BGT live show and autographs from the judges.

Flow-map of the Interactive Game

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